26 juillet 2009

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10 Things You Didn't Know about Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel, (yes, that Deschanel — she's Zooey's older sister) is the star of 'Bones,' the Fox television show based on the life of forensic anthropologist and best-selling novelist Kathy Reichs. On 'Bones,' Deschanel plays Dr. Temperance Brennan, a scientist who helps the cops solve murders by reading clues left behind in crime victim's bones.

Deschanel spoke to us during her lunch break while shooting on location at a casino in the middle of the desert. She kept apologizing for chewing in our ear, but we didn't mind. She was down to earth and fun to talk to and cheerfully provided us with random facts about herself.

Emily Deschanel is sort of a secret scientist, or at least likes science. 'Well, math and science were always my best subjects in school, but I'm not exactly doing experiments at my house. Physics was my favorite. We had a really good teacher named Joe Wise who made it really interesting.'

Her only phobia is of being buried alive. But she's also a little scared of snakes. 'I fear that people will think I'm dead and I'm not really dead and I get buried anyway. I'm not scared of bugs or things like that, usually. I had to deal with snakes on the set once. I was scared at first and then I was OK. I like to face my fears head on, except the one about being buried alive.'

Her birthday is Oct. 11, but she hasn't made plans to celebrate it — yet. 'I might have a party but haven't solidified anything yet. I'd like to have an '80s party. I haven't had a party for two years; I figure it's time. But I haven't solidified those plans.'

Her best friend in sixth grade was named Lindsay Wasserman. 'I don't know how we became friends; we were in the same class so I guess that's how. She played tennis and I liked to watch her play tennis and sometimes I would get to play with her. She was really competitive. Now she is a yoga teacher.'

She likes to switch up her cell phone ring. 'I have a few different rings. 'Rio' by Duran Duran is what is playing right now on my phone. Another favorite of mine is a quote from 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' — 'She's a ho, fo sho.' [My co-star] David Boreanaz and I went online on our Blackberries and bought all these different ones. He has Darth Vader and one that sounds like a porno. Mine were a little more PG-rated. I have different things like Elvis Costello and I have some disco.'

Her favorite neighborhood in L.A. is Venice. 'It's near the beach and laid back but there's lots of cute shops and people are eccentric and artistic and kind of like concerned about other things — like eco-conscious and stuff like that.'

She used to be a chocoholic, but now not as much. 'I love chocolate. Although, I stopped eating sugar except once a week, and when I have my treat a week I don't feel like having chocolate anymore. I'm vegan, so I have an apple cake or a carrot cake. But before I would have pure chocolate.'

Her alcoholic drink of choice is white wine. 'I've gotten into white whine now. I used to only drink red wine, but now it gives me a headache. No specific white wine, just white wine. Bor-ing. For my favorite non-alcoholic drink, I love a chai soy latte.'

Deschanel can describe why she likes acting in one (or two) sentences. 'You get to explore yourself by exploring other characters. So, self-discovery. And you get to learn things.'

Her favorite comedian is Sarah Silverman. 'She is pretty funny. She is just very shocking.'

The second season of Bones premiered on Sept. 13. The show airs on Wednesdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Fox network.

News about The stargate convention Creation. In next april in Vancouver !! Guests attendes : Micheal hanks (like every years !), Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Bambam and Colin Cunningham !!

Mission on the week: makes so fan videos !!
Some days off >> 4 days in Normandy with my family !! yip yip !!! Train to Paris then train to Deauville !
Soon "up" the last Disney !!!

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Salut Didie! ^^' Ca faisait longtemps!

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Ralala, Emily Deschanel =D Va falloir que je me mette à la page niveau Bones n'empêche! Surtout après ce que Lili m'a raconté! U.U'Ce sont surement donné le mot avec ceux de House!! xD!!

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mouhahhaha kikooo sistaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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